Reims Wine Festival

Once again the wonderful annual Wine Festival has arrived in Reims, and we didn’t miss this chance to go take a look and meet some new people.  Every year, this wine festival gets bigger and bigger with more and more exhibitors and wine enthusiasts.  And it’s not surprising when you see the range on offer and the incredible prices. Over 300 winemakers from all over France gather in Reims on the second weekend of November to offer their latest wines and network with potential partners and customers.

Spending the whole day here is not out of the question, but you’d have to “spit” instead of “swallow” if you wanted to remain standing!  With foie-gras sandwiches and oysters and chips, finishing off with hand-make chocolates and matured cheeses, it’s a gastronomic delight for foodies and wine lovers alike.

Put the date in your diary to come on down next year.  Stock up on your wines and champagnes for Christmas and New Year, or simply enjoy the atmosphere and the passion of the participants.  A “must” in the diary!


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