Guide to the Champagne Region Our popular “Guide to the French Champagne Region” is full of invaluable tips to make your trip to this beautiful corner of France one you will never forget – read more here
Insider's Guide to Champagne If you love champagne and are considering visiting the region soon, then you’ll definitely want to get a copy of this invaluable little guide to the small, independent champagne producers that everyone wants to know about, but hardly anyone knows how to find – read more here
Survive and Thrive in a Foreign Country This book is about the questions you must ask yourself, if you’ve ever dreamed of flying or sailing away to somewhere warmer, cooler, greener, richer, poorer, easier or just plain different.  It is an invaluable guide for those of us who seek new pastures, new experiences and new horizons. – read more here
Tapbooks Adrian Leeds began writing her restaurant guide in 1996, not long after she moved to Paris as a permanent resident and ferreting out charming, little out-of-the-way places where tourists likely won’t find easily, but to which the locals flock. It is often the simple, hole-in-the-wall, mom-pop restaurants that serve the best food at the most reasonable prices and they are getting harder and harder to find in today’s modern world. When you’re a tourist on holiday you will often end up eating in the touristy spots that are convenient – and you’ll often be disappointed. But carry this guide with you in the City of Light, and no matter where you are at any given moment you’ll be able to find great French restaurants (and sometimes other kinds of cuisine) not far from where you are – so you won’t have to waste one single precious meal on bad food in the city we love most – Paris!Bon Appétit!

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So you’re coming to Paris on a holiday or for an extended stay? Lucky you! Or you just love to read every book you can get your hands on about Paris? We highly recommend the guidebook Practical Paris, written by a Paris tour company operator who has specialized in leading English-speaking visitors around the City of Light since 2004. The book answers the most urgent needs, concerns, doubts and questions that repeatedly get asked by visitors–before, during and after arrival. Save time, hassle and needless expense and make the most of your precious stay in Paris — all the research and work has been done for you and is presented in an easy format that can be read in a just a couple of hours!PS The guide also includes a handy Useful Links web page so that you can easily access all resources.

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