• Scratching your head trying to think of what to buy this Christmas?
  • Want to delight and surprise your loved ones, but are fresh out of ideas?
  • Haven’t a clue where to start with those “so difficult to buy for”

Help is at hand here.  We know how difficult it can be to choose gifts that will delight and inspire, and be appreciated, so we’ve been out searching for you.  We’ve partnered with Champagne Edmond Barnaut of Bouzy, and if you’ve been to Champagne, you’ll know that they have a fabulous gift shop in the centre of the village, guaranteed to amaze you with the selection of special gifts.  So we thought it would be brilliant to put some of them together in gift boxes for you to offer this Christmas, to save you the time and trouble,  and you can see what we’ve got for you below.

Simply choose the gift boxes you want, select the quantity and click on the “buy now” button.  All prices include shipping to anywhere in the world, but be aware that to be sure of your parcel arriving on time, order before the 12th December.


Champagne Beauty
An exclusive selection of skin care products made from Champagne! Yes really! Indulge yourself and your loved ones in these unique beauty products - you're worth it! Click on the title to read more


Champagne Connoisseur
A selection of unusual gifts to delight and inspire the Champagne Connoisseur in your life. Click on the title to read more.


Champagne Gastronomie
Our Champagne Gastronomie Gift Box is perfect for all those foodies in your life. Packed full with Champagne regional specialities you simply won’t find anywhere else. Click on the title to read more


The Insider's Guide to Champagne
An essential guide to everything you wanted to know about champagne, but nobody tells you. From what grapes are used to produce the bubbly, to how to extract the yeast sediment, to how to choose one champagne from another - this book is invaluable and will turn you from a complete novice into a knowledgeable champagne lover overnight!