Harvesting the Grapes in Champagne 2011

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the grape harvest in Champagne? 

Well, from the 25th August to the 4th September only, and just for a limited number of guests, you can experience it first hand for yourself, while being part of the atmosphere, excitement and tradition of the most important event on the Champagne calendar.

The harvest represents the culmination of a whole year’s work, and is therefore a time of intense activity and high emotion for the vignerons. If you’re not from this region yourself, it can be difficult to really appreciate all the excitement surrounding this time of year.

We’re partnering with a local champagne producer, and are offering you the opportunity to experience the champagne harvest, learning about the methods of harvesting and discovering the age-old traditions involved in this part of life in the region.

Your day will begin with a charcuterie and champagne breakfast, after which, comfortably installed in a 4×4,  you will head out to the vineyards to discover the terroir and the work going on there. You will find that words like “Hordon”, “Pinot Noir”, “Chardonnay” and “Epluchettes” will make sense where they didn’t before.

After a hard morning’s study, a vendangeur’s lunch will be served, with traditional dishes and accompanying champagne.

In the afternoon, you will be initiated in the art of grape picking and then sent off with a basket to collect enough fruit for a trip to the “pressoir”, where you will be able to observe the work done there and in the “cuverie”, where the first stages of champagne making takes place.  You will also have the opportunity to taste the grape juices straight out of the pressoir.

What’s included?

Two nights accommodation at Les Molyneux, including breakfast

Two course dinner on your arrival night, including champagne, wine and coffee

A full day’s Harvesting, including breakfast, lunch and champagne

Complimentary bottle of champagne (per room) to take home

And the price is just 295 euros per person, based on two people sharing one of our luxury bedrooms.

You can book your place for this experience with us from today.  Simply email us at yvonne@yvonnehalling.com to reserve now.  Places are limited and strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

Looking forward to having you join us this year.