Investment opportunity

We’re building an iphone/ipad application for visitors to the Champagne region, and champagne enthusiasts worldwide.

An opportunity to earn passive income based on a very small investment of between $1000 and $7000

The opportunity

We are developing an iphone and ipad application targeted at visitors to the Champagne region of France.  Last year in 2010 there were over 500,000 visitors, 300,000 of which were English or English speaking.  (Source: Department of Tourism for Champagne).  In 2012, we expect this to increase.

Based on our experience at Les Molyneux we know that most people visit with a technological device, usually an iPad or an iPhone.  Connecting to the internet while they are here is of paramount importance.

We also know that many people find it difficult to get around here due to the fact that they don’t know where to go, what to see and they don’t speak French.  We help them with our Guide to Champagne and by giving them access to those who speak English, but we’d like to do more.

We believe an iphone/ipad application will bridge the gap, by providing visitors with an up to the minute solution using existing popular technology in a fun and interactive way.

“What shall we do in Champagne today?” will be designed and built by The App Man (aka Simon Williams) and his team, with all content being supplied by us.  With 16 years knowledge and network in the Champagne region, we believe that together we can deliver an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to visit Champagne.

With our own marketing expertise, we believe we can reach our target audience quickly and easily, but we have to move fast.  We know that the Tourist Office in Epernay is thinking about creating an App sometime in 2012.  We want to be first to market and intend to have our app ready for market by Christmas 2011.


How does it work?

Apps usually sell for under $10.  It takes $10,000 to build it.  We are looking for just $7000 to come from outside investment, in the form of no more than 7 investors.  For each $1000 invested, 50c in passive income will be created for each application that is sold. Taking the market of English speaking  visitors to the region as 300,000, we would only need to sell 20,000 apps in order for everyone to get their return.  We will set it up so that every time an app is sold, you will automatically get the “affiliate commission” straight into the bank account, or Paypal account of your choice, FOREVER.

However, we believe that the market for digital information on champagne is much larger and we will be marketing to this audience too.


Want to be involved?

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